caregiversWhen you’re feeling alone and isolated as a family caregiver, there are a lot of things you can do to resolve those feelings. Your loved one may not be able to correct the problem for you, but you definitely can.

Reach out to Family and Friends

Your family and your friends are your closest support system. If you haven’t let them know how you’re feeling as a family caregiver, it’s high time that you do. They may not realize that you’re feeling isolated. They are more likely to chalk up lack of contact from you to the fact that you’re busy and they may back off because they don’t want to bother you. Communication is essential to getting the emotional support that you need.

Volunteer in Causes You Support

Even though you’re already giving a lot as a caregiver, you may still get enormous benefits from volunteering with a cause that is close to your heart. You may choose to do something for animals in your area or with kids who need extra help. No matter what causes you support, you can quickly realize that you’re not as alone as you fear when you’re volunteering.

Join a Support Group

Support groups for caregivers are an excellent place for you to meet other family caregivers who are in very similar situations to your own. You’ll learn a lot and you’ll meet people who can help you. The benefit to that is that you’ll meet people who you can help, too. It can take time to find a support group with which you feel comfortable, so give yourself time.

Don’t Do Nothing

Above all, don’t ignore your feelings of isolation and loneliness. Those are giving you valuable information and you have to do something concrete in order to resolve them. If you ignore your feelings, you’re only going to make the entire situation worse. Reach out to someone, even if it’s a therapist or a counselor that you trust. There’s an answer for your situation, even if you don’t see it just yet.

The sooner you realize that you don’t have to be all alone in your caregiving journey, the sooner you can start feeling much better.

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