What Do You Need to Do for Your Health?You might not do much thinking about your own health as a caregiver, but it’s vital to you continuing to be a caregiver. If you don’t keep an eye on what your own body is telling you, you might overlook something important.

Visit Your Own Doctor Regularly

You can probably recite your senior’s most recent and future doctor’s appointments off the top of your head. But when did you last see your own doctor? If it’s been so long you have to look at a calendar, you might have skipped a few yearly physicals. It’s time to make an appointment and then go.

Explore Stress Relief Options

Being a caregiver means that stress will find you, even if you’ve dodged it in the past. Find the best ways for you to relieve stress and then put those tools to work. If you’re not sure how to take care of your stress in a healthy way, you might want to join a caregiver support group and learn what other caregivers have done.

Move a Little More

Exercise helps you physically and emotionally. While you’re at the doctor, make sure that you’re fit enough to exercise and then start moving. Even if you only start moving a little more now and then up your activity level gradually, you’re doing better than you were.

Get Better Sleep

When you sleep, that’s your body’s chance to recharge and to get you ready for all the stress of the next day. Sleep does the same for your brain and you definitely need your brain on point when you’re a caregiver. Find ways to get the sleep that you need, even if you need to get some extra help so that you can take a nap here and there.

Check Your Fuel Sources

What you eat is the fuel your body uses to keep on going every day. If you’re putting questionable fuel into your body in the form of processed foods and empty calories, you’re not getting what you need. Challenge yourself to make improvements to your eating habits gradually every week.

If you can start paying attention to these key points before your own health starts to suffer, that’s the best plan. It’s frighteningly common how often a caregiver will focus solely on an aging adult’s health rather than her own. Keep yourself healthy and you can continue to be a caregiver far longer.

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