Elder Care: Why Might a Loved One with Dementia Avoid Taking a Shower?When your loved one develops dementia, it’s going to start affecting her in unexpected ways. One of the most unnerving can be her response to taking a shower. Here are some of the reasons she might be afraid now.

Fear of the Entire Process

If your elderly loved one is dealing with dementia, lots of situations can be scarier now than ever before. One of the biggest can be the act of taking a shower. She may not realize what the process entails anymore and find the entire process disconcerting. After all, she’s naked in a small cube and that can be terrifying. Explain to your loved one what’s going on and why you’re doing what you’re doing. This can help alleviate the fear.

Confusion about Why She’s There

Your loved one might not be afraid of the shower, however, and that’s a good thing. She might still be confused about what all is going on. The concept of washing her body regularly may be one that she no longer has any way of comprehending on her own. As with fear, it’s a good idea to explain everything as it’s happening so that your loved one isn’t surprised. She might be confused without telling you, it’s important to note. That’s why it’s a good habit to just narrate what you’re doing in all sorts of situations.

Confusion about Timing

Many elderly loved ones who have dementia get easily confused about time. Not just the time on a clock, but also calendar time. She may tell you that she’s just had a shower when you know that the last one was three days ago. For your loved one, her sense of time isn’t working the same way that yours is. Finding ways to help her determine when things happened can help her to be more cooperative.

The Sensations Are Overwhelming

For some elderly loved ones, the sensations involved in taking a shower are overwhelming. The force of the water, for example, can be extremely unnerving. Your loved one might do better with a bath or with a showerhead that has variable settings. Try to determine what sensations are troubling her the most so that you can work around them.

Hiring elder care providers can help you make sure that you’ve got help available for your loved one’s bathing time.

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