What Are the Most Important Items to Focus on When Your Loved One Is Moving In?You and your loved one are getting ready to move her into your home, which is great, but have you already done a safety check? Making the environment as safe as possible for your elderly loved one is one of the biggest things you can do before she actually moves in.

Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms are an essential room for everyone, including your elderly loved one. Keeping her safe in the bathroom is much easier than it sounds. First, look for ways to minimize the risk of slipping and falling. Add hand rails, choose non-slip mats and rugs, and look for anything that could become a tripping hazard. From there, look for ways to make the bathroom more user-friendly for your loved one.

Bedroom Safety

Rails that attach to your loved one’s bed allow her to get into and out of bed much more easily. If she’s prone to falling out of bed, some rails even lift to give her a barrier to help her stay in bed. Other items, such as alarms and telephones that connect to lights for loved ones who have difficulty hearing. Look at your loved one’s specific needs and work to resolve those issues for her.

Mobility in General

Mobility in every area of the house is a tremendous concern for your loved one. Check that she’s able to walk safely throughout the house and consider adding hand rails in areas that might pose a problem for her. Check thresholds, both exterior thresholds and interior thresholds, to make sure that they don’t serve as a tripping hazard. Address any clutter issues and repair or replace carpeting or flooring that can cause issues.

Get Some Help with a Safety Check

No matter how diligently you’re looking for safety concerns to resolve for your loved one, you might worry that you’ve missed something important. Talking to elderly care providers can help, because they’ve got a lot of experience helping loved ones stay safe at home. You can take their suggestions and build on them to help your loved one be as safe as possible.

As you and your loved one become used to your new living arrangements, you’ll likely find other issues that you need to resolve for your loved one. Keep the focus on safety as much as you can.

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