How Can You Cure Yourself of Trying to Do Everything Yourself as a Caregiver?If you’re still trying to do too much yourself as your loved one’s caregiver, you probably have all sorts of examples as to how that doesn’t work well for you. But how can you change it?

Make Some Lists

Block out some time, even just a few minutes, and make some lists. Write down everything that has to be done, from chores to errands to one-off tasks. Make lists also of what you have to purchase and who you have to call or contact. Don’t worry just yet about what anyone else can do. Concentrate instead on getting everything onto paper and out of your head.

Determine What You Have to Do and What Others Can Do

After you have everything on paper, take a look at your lists. Now is the time to figure out what you have to do yourself and what someone else can do. You don’t have to worry yet about who is going to do what. The key here is to be objective about what you could delegate if you absolutely had to.

Schedule Everything in Your Calendar

Start putting tasks, chores, and errands in your calendar. You can do this with a mocked-up calendar on paper if you’d like until you have a final draft or you can use an electronic calendar so that you can move things around more easily. The purpose of doing this is that you’re not going to be able to do everything yourself. It’s just not possible between the constraints on your time and your own energy levels. This helps you to see just what you can and can’t do.

Ask for Help

From here, you have a better idea what you can fit into your schedule and what you need to get help with from other people. Asking for help often starts with friends, family members, and even neighbors, but that’s not all that it can mean. Sometimes, asking for help means hiring senior care providers to step in, too. You may need help that is more reliable than what friends and family members are able to offer you.

Update Your Lists as Needs Change

Unfortunately, this isn’t a “one and done” event. You’ll need to revisit your lists and your schedule as your loved one’s needs and your own change. Start making this a regular part of weekly planning and you’ll find that it goes much more quickly than it did the first time you did this.

If you’re still having trouble, start with small tasks that you delegate to other people. As you become more comfortable and start to realize the benefits of delegation, you can work your way up to the bigger tasks.

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