If you’re at all familiar with senior care, you may be aware that a senior care provider can assist your aging relative with their non-medical care needs, such as bathing and getting dressed. However, you may not be aware of all the other kinds of things senior care can do for your older family member. Below are 5 things you may not know that senior care can do to help the elderly.

1: Provide Transportation

When your aging relative has senior care, there’s no need for them to use public transportation or hire a separate ride service to get them to medical appointments, stores, or other places. Senior care can drive them wherever they need to go, which also keeps them from having to wait around for friends or family members to be able to give them a ride.

2: Do Laundry

Older adults may have difficulty doing laundry because the full baskets are too heavy to carry. They might also have trouble bending to reach into the washer or dryer. Senior care providers can gather dirty clothes, carry the basket to the laundry room, and wash, dry and fold them. Senior care providers can even put the clean clothing away.

3: Help with Pets

Pets are an important part of life. They offer seniors companionship and unconditional love. Their antics can be fun to watch, too, bringing laughter and joy. However, pet care can be difficult for older adults with mobility issues or cognitive problems. Senior care providers can assist with basic pet care, like feeding, watering, and taking them outside.

4: Cook Meals

Your aging relative may not be eating as well as they should. They may not enjoy cooking, not know how, or have a disability that makes cooking difficult. Senior care providers can prepare healthy meals the older adult will enjoy. If they have dietary restrictions, the senior care provider can make foods that fit into their eating plan. They can even assist with planning the weekly menu, making a grocery list, and taking the older adult grocery shopping. And, if your loved one doesn’t like to eat alone, a senior care provider can sit with them and keep them company while they eat.

5: Medication Reminders

Taking medications at the appropriate times without missing doses is an important part of managing chronic medical conditions. However, some older adults have trouble remembering to take their medications. Or, they may take them, but later forget that they did and take them again. Senior care can remind your aging relative when it is time to take their medicine. They can also keep an eye on the older adult to make sure they don’t take a double dose.

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