Your love for your aging relative may make you feel obligated to act as their family caregiver. That can be especially true if the older adult had a sudden illness or injury that caused them to abruptly need a caregiver. The emergency situation might make it necessary for you to step up even if you don’t want to. But not everyone is cut out to be a caregiver. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone has different gifts and abilities. Yours just lie elsewhere. Still, it can be hard to give up on being a caregiver and you may not even be sure if you should. Below are 4 signs that being a caregiver may not be right for you.

#1: You’ve Never Been Very Patient

Being a caregiver requires a lot of patience. Elderly people, especially those with disabilities, can take a long time to get things done. They can also be demanding. You might find yourself getting irritated easily at the older adult. You may even notice that you snap at other people more often than you used to as well. This can be a sign that you’re not a good fit as a caregiver. If you allow the situation to continue, you may become resentful of the senior and it could ruin your relationship with them.

#2: Your Time is Already Short

If you’re already super busy with work, a relationship, children, and other responsibilities, the idea of adding in one more could be overwhelming. If being a caregiver makes you late to pick up your children from events, late to work, or just leaves you with no time to do anything else, you’ll eventually be unable to handle it all.

#3: You Start Looking for Excuses

When you don’t enjoy doing something, you may start looking for excuses not to do it. If you are making excuses for being unable to go to the older adult’s house, you’re probably not enjoying being a caregiver. It’s true that taking care of an older family member is difficult and stressful, but you should still like it or find it rewarding.

#4: You Can’t Do the Kind of Care Required

Older adults sometimes require care that you feel ill equipped to manage. Maybe you don’t know how to cook, so you cannot prepare meals for the senior. Or, maybe the thought of helping the senior bathe or dress makes you uncomfortable. You may even be unable to handle the physical aspects of the job, like lifting the person or helping them transfer from a wheelchair. Those are all perfectly good reasons you should hand caregiving duties off to someone else.

It’s okay to walk away from being a caregiver. That does not mean you’re walking away from your loved one. You can still support them in other ways and make sure they get the care they need without being hands on. One way you can do that is by hiring home care. Home care providers are professionals who are capable of all aspects of caregiving, including the demanding and uncomfortable parts.

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