Getting enough sleep is a challenge as a family caregiver. But did you know that your sleeping environment could be what makes the difference?

Reduce the Amount of Light in Your Bedroom

Light can be extremely distracting when you’re trying to sleep. Natural and artificial sources of excess light have to go. If you’re sleeping during times when there’s a lot of natural lighting, consider using blackout curtains and eye coverings in order to keep that light at bay. At night, clocks that are too bright or night lights that are too close can be extremely distracting. Move those items or find a way to dim them so they’re not as bright.

Reduce Excess Noise as Much as Possible

Behind light, noise can be the next most distracting disruptor of sleep. If there are sounds that you can control, such as a television or radio, make sure that you turn them down or turn them off. If your loved one likes to stay up later than you do, consider headphones that allow her to hear the TV or radio while still allowing you to sleep. Another option is to use a white noise machine to help mask exterior sounds.

Double Check the Temperature

You might not realize it, but the temperature of your room can affect whether you’re comfortable enough to sleep. Keep in mind that your thermostat can say one thing, but your room temperature can be totally different, especially if they’re in separate areas of the house. One way to get an accurate reading is to use a portable room thermometer. These can give you a better idea why you might not be comfortable in your room.

Make Sure You Have Comfortable Bedding

Part of being comfortable when you’re trying to get to sleep is having bedding and a bed that are as comfortable as possible. Look for fabrics that you enjoy and that are easy for you to care for as well. This makes your bedroom and your bed an oasis for you at the end of a long day.

If your sleep environment is set up to allow you to sleep peacefully, you have a much better chance of actually getting the sleep you need.

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