When it comes to long-term care, there are some misconceptions about what the term means and what it entails. First, health care insurance like Medicare is not going to pay for the care your parents need for the months and years to come. While the insurance will care for some skilled nursing care after a health crisis, long-term care is typically not covered unless your parents bought long-term care insurance.

Second, elderly care isn’t just for the infirm. People who want to age at home benefit from the services caregivers offer. Your parents may have no problem getting out of bed, getting showered and dressed, and eating a meal. However, they are no longer able to drive due to worsening eyesight. They may be isolated and lonely and simply need someone to visit once or twice a week.

Elderly Care is More Than Help With Personal Care and Hygiene

While elderly care can assist with personal care and hygiene, there’s much more to it. Caregivers stop by and become friends your parents look forward to seeing. They have someone to watch a movie with, go on rides with, or eat with.

Caregivers can help with laundry, housekeeping, and appointment scheduling. Your parents can have someone available to drive them to stores, take them to the senior center, or help them shop for groceries. Caregivers assist with transportation, medication reminders, organization, and meal preparation.

Are there tasks your parents struggle with that aren’t typically seen in an elderly care schedule of services? Does your dad need someone to sit with him during a thunderstorm or power outage due to anxiety? It’s worth asking if a caregiver is available to help with that.

Do You and Your Parents Know All of the Services Elderly Care Provides?

If your parents decline and need more help, it’s easy to add additional services with elderly care. They don’t have to move. You call the agency, discuss the changes and new challenges, and a new care plan is created to meet the changing care needs.

Services can also be removed. If your mom struggles to remember to take medications after surgery, medication reminders can be added to her care plan. When she’s done the course of medications and has healed, that service is easily removed.

What elderly care services would most benefit your parents? Keep a detailed list of the things you and others notice they struggle to complete independently. Use that list to arrange the elderly care services that enable them to age at home. Call now to make arrangements.

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