Your senior probably feels the most unsure about safe mobility in the bathroom. The environment is prone to cause falls, especially if safety measures haven’t been taken to reduce the risk. Here are some ideas for keeping this room as safe as possible.

Install Support Bars

There are a variety of different types of support bars you can install in your senior’s bathroom. Some fit directly around the toilet, like the arms of a chair, so that she can support herself when using the toilet. Others install directly on the wall and can be installed in the shower or tub itself as well as along the walls in the bathroom. Another type that you might consider, particularly for a small bathroom, might be a floor-to-ceiling pole. This usually has several handles at different heights that your senior can use to hold onto the pole.

Adjust the Toilet Seat Height

Raising the height of the toilet seat helps your senior to use the toilet more easily without having difficulty sitting down or standing again. One of the easiest ways to do this can be with a simple raised seat that installs either over the existing seat or in place of it. Other types of devices install between the toilet itself and the floor, which is a little more complicated to install.

Add a Chair or Bench to the Tub

Shower benches and shower chairs give your elderly family member somewhere safe to rest while showering. They fit easily into the shower area but also remove easily in case someone else needs to use the shower. This is a really helpful assistive device if your elderly family member tires easily when she’s standing for longer than a few minutes at a time.

Clear the Way and Make the Bathroom Visible

When the path to the bathroom is a little cluttered, that can pose a big safety hazard for your senior. Make sure that the main ways that someone might access this room are as clear as they can possibly be. If necessary, install night lights or improved lighting, too. This ensures that the bathroom is a visible spot, especially when someone is in need of the facilities.

If your elderly family member is having particular difficulty navigating safely in her bathroom, it might be time to hire elderly care providers to help. They can assist with bathing and other personal care tasks while ensuring your senior’s dignity is intact at the same time.

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