Throughout the United States there are approximately 38 million people living with migraines. This equals around 13 percent of the total adult population of the country. If your aging parent is one of these, you have seen just how difficult a migraine can be for your parent to get through. Being able to care for them effectively, and give them the support they need, is instrumental in them managing their condition and preserving their quality of life.

Use these tips to help you care for a senior with migraines:

  • Encourage them to talk to their doctor about their migraines. If they have been prescribed medications, help them to stay compliant. This means giving them reminders to take their medications when and how they are supposed to. By staying compliant, they have the highest chances of getting the benefits the doctor intends
  • Help them to learn and practice muscle relaxing exercises. This releases tension and stress, both of which contribute to migraines
  • Make sure they balance their sleep patterns. Getting enough sleep is crucial, but oversleeping can also make it more likely that they will experience a migraine. Work with your parent to set a time for them to go to sleep, and to wake up, and then make sure they stick to these every day. This will balance their sleep and help them to stay energized and not get over-tired
  • Remind them to relax. If your parent starts to feel symptoms that might indicate they will experience a migraine soon, encourage them to rest. A cool, dark room will allow them to relax, and reduce the chances they will experience a migraine, or reduce the intensity of the migraine
  • Reassure them. Many with migraines feel that they are alone, and no one understands them. They may also feel as though they are overreacting, or being dramatic. Reassure your senior that you understand they are in pain, and that they should take it seriously
  • Consider elder care for them. An elderly home care services provider can offer a range of personalized services targeted to helping your parent cope with their migraines. This can include supporting their lifestyle choices and offering medication reminders, but can also help with basic daily tasks such as house tidying, meal preparation, and mobility assistance

When you are a family caregiver for an elderly adult, you can use all the help you can get. This is especially true if your senior suffers from a health condition such as migraines. The needs of a senior living with a health challenge can vary from day to day, and can increase suddenly. Having an elder care provider as part of your care efforts can be a make managing these challenges, as well as their regular daily needs. Whether your aging parent’s needs revolve predominantly around their suffering with migraines, or they have other challenges and limitations, this care provider’s services are personalized to them as an individual. This means they can manage their migraines and pursue a healthier lifestyle in the way that best suites them. Not only is this beneficial to your senior, but it can also make a tremendous difference to you, and to your level of stress.

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