Wandering tendencies can be very dangerous for an elderly adult with Alzheimer’s disease, and very frightening for you as their family caregiver. A senior who wanders can end up getting lost, can find themselves in a dangerous location or situation, and be vulnerable to tremendous danger. A senior who wanders and is not found within 24 hours is at high risk of experiencing a serious injury or even death. As a family caregiver, it is very important that you not only identify if your parent is experiencing wandering tendencies, but also to take steps to reduce these tendencies or to protect your parent so that they stay safer. One very effective way to do this is by starting elderly care for them.

Some ways elderly care can help a senior with wandering tendencies include:

  • Recognizing when your parent is most likely to wander, and planning activities for these times so your parent is less likely to feel the anxiety or compulsion to wander
  • Offering your parent an alternative to wandering, such as a game
  • Going with your parent for a walk when they have the compulsion to wander, so they feel as though they are fulfilling the urge, but are also staying safe
  • Creating activities that mimic ones your parent would have done at work if they wander to “get to work” or because they feel that they need to “go to work”. This can ease the anxiety and pressure, and make your parent feel more at ease
  • Providing supervision for your parent at night so they do not wander out of the home and become lost

If your senior has been experiencing greater needs and challenges, your caregiving availability has changed, or you simply believe they would benefit from more diversified care, now may be the right time for you to start elderly care. An in-home elderly care provider can supplement your care routine to help your parent manage their challenges and needs in ways that are right for them. Through a set of highly personalized services, this care provider can help your parent to stay safer and healthier, increase their activity, boost their mental and emotional health, stimulate their mind, and encourage greater independence and fulfillment. As their family caregiver, this can give you confidence they are living at their highest quality of life, while also allowing you to step back and focus on other elements of your life as well.

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