Depression can make your aging adult separate herself from her own life and from the people that she loves. Breaking through and reconnecting can feel difficult or even impossible for her. With a little bit of effort, however, you can help your elderly family member to reconnect again.

Break out of Isolation

If your elderly family member doesn’t get out much anymore, it might be time to reconsider how that affects her socially. She may be isolating herself completely, which isn’t healthy overall. Consider hiring elderly care providers for companionship and look into senior centers or support groups that your aging adult might be interested in joining. The key here is to help your elderly family member to break out of any isolated state that she’s locked into.

Learn Something New

Another way to meet new people is to learn how to do something new. This might be at a class or through taking up a hobby. Talk to your aging family member about what types of new activities or skills she’d be interested in learning. Then find opportunities that match up with those desires.

Help Others, if Possible

Volunteering is powerful for anyone, including your elderly family member. She might feel as if she doesn’t have anything else to offer the world, but that’s not necessarily true. Volunteering her time can help your aging family member to feel as if she’s giving back to the community around her. this can be especially powerful if your senior has needed help in the past.

Talk to a Professional

Whether it’s her doctor or an actual therapist or counselor, talking to a professional can be exactly what your elderly family member needs the most. Her doctor may be able to prescribe or adjust medications in order to help. Talking to a counselor, on the other hand, can help your elderly family member to work through feelings and emotions that are contributing to her depression.

Fighting depression isn’t easy at all, but it can be done. Help your elderly family member to keep trying, even if it’s a little bit more difficult than she expected it to be at first.

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