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Caring for a Loved One

Caring for a parent or elderly loved one can be daunting if you have never done it before and knowing where to start can be confusing. You can try to take care of your loved one yourself but are you really meeting their needs and keeping them safe? You can hire your own private caregiver to take care of them but how do you know who you are hiring?

That is why Golden Heart Senior Care provides you with a step by step review of the three types of caregivers to provide you with valuable information so you can make the best choice possible when it comes to providing care for your elderly loved one.

Three types of caregivers


1  You are the caregiver

No home care businesses are involved. You provide all the care and support for your loved one.

2  You hire a private caregiver

When you hire a private caregiver or independent contractor, you are now their employer. As their employer, the IRS and state authorities will classify you as a household employer. If you pay wages to a private caregiver, you are required to report wages, file tax forms and pay payroll taxes. If you fail to fulfill your obligations to the IRS and state authorities as a household employer, then you are putting yourself at risk of fines and penalties. Some people try to avoid all this work by paying caregivers “under the table” which is illegal.

3  Hire a non-medical home care agency like Golden Heart Senior Care

A home care agency hires the employees and takes care of all the legal and tax documentation. Further, we provide a skilled caregiver that can meet the needs of you or your loved one. Golden Heart Senior Care not only trains its caregivers, but performs and provides these additional items for all of its caregivers:
You can trust your loved with golden heart senior care!

  • conduct background checks You can trust your loved one with golden heart senior care!
  • provide worker compensation insurance
  • pay appropriate state and federal taxes
  • file necessary tax forms
  • provide bonding and insurance against theft
  • provide professional liability insurance and personal property damage insurance
  • provides first class continuing education programs to our caregivers

You should carefully consider these options when your loved one needs care. Don’t leave the care of your loved one to chance. Hire a professional, top quality care provider like Golden Heart Senior Care!

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