Setting some easy-to-follow rules when your senior starts a new exercise program can help her to stick with it.

Be Consistent about Exercising

Consistency can be key for anyone when it comes to exercising, but especially for your aging adult. Pick a specific time of day and assign exercise to it. Work with what feels best for your elderly family member. If she enjoys working out as soon as she gets up, that’s great. If she wants to exercise in mid-morning after she’s been awake for a little bit, that’s great, too. What you’re really aiming for is a consistent appointment with herself for exercising.

Start Slowly in Order to Keep Going

Where so many people go wrong when they start exercising is that they try to hit it heavy and for long durations. Then they get worn out and hate what they’re doing. The same can be true for your aging adult. Instead of starting out with a half hour walk around the neighborhood, start out with a ten minute walk up and down the street. As she gets more used to moving, she can start adding time and distance.

Test How Hard She’s Really Exercising

Since you don’t want your elderly family member to exercise too heavily, it helps to have an easy way to test how much she’s exerting herself. The easiest way to do this is to have her talk to you while she’s exercising. If she can’t talk to you, then she’s working out too hard. Always talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about what to watch for in terms of signs of trouble while she’s exercising.

Cooling Down and Warming up Are Important

Few people really appreciate the idea of warming up and cooling down when it comes to working out. This can help your senior to avoid injuring herself, however, so it’s really important to get into the habit of taking a few minutes to do each on either side of the workout. It doesn’t have to be complicated, though. With walking, for example, simply slow down gradually at the end of the walk or gradually start walking faster at the beginning of the walk.

Having an exercise buddy, whether that’s a friend, an elderly care provider, or even you can really help your senior to stay accountable for her exercise plan. That can help keep her moving even when she wants to quit.

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