Those situations that you didn’t anticipate can be some of the ones that give you the most problems as a caregiver. Even if the situation isn’t an emergency, the inconvenience alone can be nerve-wracking.

Keep Digital Copies of Important Papers

Paperwork is the bane of your existence as a caregiver, but you have to keep track of it. And if you’ve ever been in a situation where you needed a specific piece of paperwork that was safely tucked away at home, you know how frustrating that can be. It’s a good idea to keep a digital copy on your tablet or your smartphone, saved with tags. That way you can find what you need quickly.

Consider Buying in Bulk More Often

You don’t have a lot of time, so it can make sense to stock up on some frequently purchased items, like paper products and foods your senior loves. When you buy in bulk, you can stock up and plan for future purchases a little more easily. Depending on what you’re stocking up, you might need to make sure you have the space for what you’re buying.

Make Healthy Foods Irresistible

Part of being prepared involves ensuring you’re properly fueled. If you’re not eating foods that are healthy for you, you’re likely feeling run down and as if you don’t have what you need to keep running. Do what you can to think ahead about how your day unfolds. What types of healthy foods would be fast and easy for you to actually eat?

Write Things Down

If you’re relying on your memory for a lot of your caregiving duties, that’s likely backfired on you at least once. The human brain doesn’t do memory as well as you really need it to. What does work is having a written record of what you need to remember. You can use a paper calendar or a digital one in your smartphone, but you need to have a way to capture information you can’t afford to forget.

Develop a Backup Plan

The unexpected often means that you have to somehow be in two places at once. When that happens, you might find that you have to figure out how to help your senior while also helping others. Elder care providers can help you to be sure that you’ve covered all of your bases, even when an emergency crops up.

Preparation is a huge part of being a family caregiver. You’re constantly trying to stay as prepared as possible and sometimes that doesn’t feel easy. Having a series of plans in place to help you manage the situations you didn’t anticipate can help you to feel a little more on top of things.

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