As a family caregiver you will make many decisions for your aging parent. One of the most important is whether to start home care for them. Bringing an in-home senior care services provider into your care routine can be an exceptional way to enhance their quality of life. Reviewing the different ways a care provider could help your senior can help you to make the decision that is right for your loved one, and for your parent to feel confident and even excited about this new addition to their life.

One way to understand the benefits of home care is to evaluate how they could help your senior at various times during their day. This can help you to understand how the structure of your parent’s day could change or be improved, and how you could utilize the services of home care to enhance your care for your parent.

Some ways a home care in the morning can get your senior’s day off to a great start include:

  • Helping them get out of bed
  • Assisting with getting dressed, including encouraging them to make decisions about the clothing and accessories to wear that day. This can be especially beneficial for an elderly adult who is living with cognitive functioning decline and may not have many opportunities to express themselves through decision making
  • Preparing breakfast for them to get them a good start with high quality nutrition. This can also include assisting them with the physical act of eating if this is needed
  • Helping with grooming tasks such as styling their hair or applying makeup if that is something your senior enjoys
  • Planning an activity with them to keep their mind active
  • Providing reminders for any morning medications they might take

There are likely to be times in your caregiver journey when you are not able to follow your usual care routine for your senior. This might be because you are caring for an ill child, you are ill yourself, you need to attend an event or activity, or you simply feel that you need some time to yourself. When this happens, respite home care can be exceptionally beneficial. With this type of care, a respite in-home senior care services provider can be there for your aging parent on a temporary or urgent basis to give them the care they need when you are unable to give it to them. This eases your mind, enables you to focus on your other responsibility or on enjoying your time away, and know your parent is safe and healthy.

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