Your mom wants a dog, but she cannot afford one. It could be she had pets, but she was unable to properly care for one. She can embrace the benefits of pets without having to own one. Here is how you can make that happen.

Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter

If your parents are mobile, they could volunteer at an animal shelter. Many shelters look for volunteers who will spend time walking dogs, playing with cats and kittens, and helping with meals and cleaning. Your parent gets to spend time with pets without having to own them.

Borrow a Neighbor’s Dog

Does your parent have a neighbor who has a dog? Would that neighbor be willing to let your parent walk the dog every day? There are two ways this will benefit your parent. First, they get exercise when they walk the dog each day. Second, they’re spending time walking and playing with a dog.

They don’t have to deal with vet bills, food and supplies, and grooming. Plus, the neighbors have a dog that is getting exercise when they’re at work.

Ask Friends and Family Who Own Pets to Bring Them to Visit

When your family members and close friends stop by to visit, have them bring pets if possible. Your parent gets to visit with both people and pets at the same time.

Start a Small Dog Walking Business

The internet is a good place to post about dog walking service or pet sitting. Your parents can take care of a dog each week, get a little cash in the process, and have the chance to socialize with a dog without having to own one.

There are sites you can sign up with that bring people needing dog walkers to you. Fetch, Rover, and Wag! are examples. You create a profile, set your rates, and wait for clients to come to you.

Get a Robotic Pet

Robotic dogs and cats are great for seniors who have dementia. The robotic pets act and respond just like real pets, but they don’t need to go outside and get fed regularly. They’re handy for parents who need the emotional support a pet offers.

When pets aren’t possible, caregivers are an excellent option for companionship. Home care services cover more than housekeeping and meals. Caregivers are friends who visit your parent regularly. Call an agency now to talk about the cost of home care.

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