When your elderly loved one is overwhelmed, you might not notice it at first. But there are some signals that can clue you in that there are some bigger issues for you to tackle for your loved one. These are only a few of the more obvious signs you should be watching for when you visit with your loved one.

She’s Tired When You Stop By

Everybody has those days and those moments when they’re simply tired, but if your loved one is consistently tired when you see her that might be something to investigate. Open the conversation with your loved one by asking how she’s sleeping and whether there’s anything that you can do for her. From there, you can start to find solutions that might help.

She’s Not Keeping up with Her Favorite Activities

Your loved one may have several different hobbies, groups, or other activities that she enjoys engaging with on a regular basis. If she’s no longer doing that, however, she might have other issues which are keeping her from doing so. Difficulty with driving, pain, or any number of other concerns could be getting in the way.

Your Loved One Appears Thinner or Weaker

There are a variety of contributing causes for your loved one to lose weight. She might have health issues that contribute or she might be finding it difficult to muster the energy to cook for herself. Understanding what is causing the problem can help you to suggest the right solution. In some cases, your loved one might appreciate meals brought to her, ready to go. Another solution, however, could be that you hire home care providers to help with meal preparation.

Her Environment Is Changing

You likely have a really good idea what your loved one’s home normally looks like, especially in terms of cleanliness. Seeing changes to that environment, especially changes to how clean your loved one’s home stays, can be a big indicator that you need to look more deeply into the situation.

Having home care providers around, even on a weekly basis, can help your loved one start to realize how much extra help can do for her.

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