It’s common for elderly adults to become isolated in their own homes with few opportunities to get out and interact with people in the community. New research is showing that seniors benefit physically and mentally from frequent outings, so family caregivers should be looking for ways to facilitate fun and interesting ways for their relatives to get out more.

How Do Seniors Get So Isolated?

Due to circumstances related to aging, many elderly adults are forced to make modifications to their typical lives. Illness, injury, chronic pain, and diminishing physical abilities mean that seniors must depend on family caregivers and home care providers to accomplish daily tasks. This kind of physical decline makes it harder for aging adults to walk, drive and stay out for long periods of time.

An elderly person’s social life also changes with age. They lose a lot of interaction when they retire and their children grow up and move away. Seniors may also lose their loved ones, siblings and friends, making them lonelier than ever. Family caregivers and home care providers have a big influence in how isolated the elderly adult really is.

Benefits of Frequent Outings for Seniors

Studies show that seniors who leave their homes for outings several times per week are generally physically and mentally healthier than those who are homebound. When it comes to being active, seniors need to do a lot more than sit in a chair every day. Whether they are walking around a store or a museum, they’re staying fit and flexible. Being active in the day also leads to a deeper and more restful sleep.

Mentally and emotionally, seniors need to stay busy and involved. To avoid loneliness, elderly adults need the social interaction they get from going to activities and events. Even shopping and running errands gives them a chance to talk to new people, see what’s happening in town and get a change of scenery. Family caregivers and home care providers can really make a difference in an elderly person’s life by taking them on outings several times per week.

Ideas for Senior-Friendly Outings

There are lots of places and events that family caregivers and home care providers can take an aging adult. A lot depends on the tastes and interests the senior has. A few ideas include sporting events, car shows, craft shows, local festivals, museums and tourist attractions. Other outings might include shopping, library, book club, community theater, concert, poetry reading and volunteering.

Family caregivers want what’s best for their aging relative, but often don’t get how isolated their loved ones really are. Increasing overall levels of physical activity and positive interaction with many other people combine to prove that frequent outings are an important part of keeping an elderly adult happy and healthy.

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