Dry eye is a fairly common condition in older adults. It’s a condition in which the eyes don’t make enough tears or the tears they make aren’t of a good quality. It can cause the eyes to itch and sting. It can also cause blurry vision and excessively watery eyes. Living with the condition can be difficult. Just going outside on a breezy day can make eyes feel worse. There are medications available for dry eye, so it’s important to see a doctor. However, there are also things your aging relative can do at home to keep their eyes feeling better. Below are some home remedies for dry eye that your senior love one can try.

Keep Air from Blowing in the Eyes

Help the older adult to find places to sit that are away from air vents. Move fans so they are not directed at the senior’s face. When using a hair dryer, direct it away from the senior’s face. Car vents should also be adjusted to blow at the body and not the face.

Senior care providers can assist your aging relative to find the best places to sit and to adjust fans and vents to prevent them from blowing in the senior’s eyes.

Use a Humidifier

A humidifier adds moisture to the air, which will help prevent eyes from feeling even more dry. Using a humidifier is especially important in the colder months when heating systems dry out the air in the house.

Humidifiers need to be kept clean and filled to ensure the air doesn’t get too dry, but also doesn’t contain air borne spores that may grow in a dirty humidifier. Senior care providers can clean and fill the humidifier as needed.

Take Eye Breaks

Reading, using a computer or device, watching television, and doing other tasks that require eye concentration can make the symptoms of dry eye worse. Taking breaks allows the eyes to moisturize. Closing the eyes for a few minutes will help as will blinking rapidly to stimulate tear production.

Senior care providers can remind your older family member to take breaks. They can also encourage the older adult to participate in other kinds of activities, such as doing crafts, going for walks, or attending community events.

Use Artificial Tears

There are many over the counter artificial tear products designed for people with dry eye. Using them a few times per day can soothe itchy, uncomfortable eyes.

Senior care providers can remind the older adult to use artificial tears or medications prescribed by the doctor.



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