Your mom could use some help around the home, but you’re not sure where to start. What’s most important is that you involve her. If she’s still capable of understanding and making decisions of this nature, she deserves to give input on the services she’s about to get.

Ask her about her day-to-day schedule. What tasks are harder than others? What would she be okay having help with each day? Are there tasks she would not want a stranger helping her complete? It’s okay if there are things she refuses to have caregivers help with. As she gets to know her caregiver, she may decide it’s okay if services are increased.

What Services Do Caregivers Offer?

Caregivers help with so many daily activities. Start with personal care. Your mom can have help with showering, toileting, oral care, grooming, dressing, and styling hair. If your mom is incontinent, her caregiver can help her change briefs or pads and remind her when it’s time to go to the bathroom if necessary.

If your mom struggles to keep her house clean, caregivers can vacuum, sweep, and mop floors. They can change sheets and towels and do the laundry. Caregivers can take out the trash and recyclables. They can wipe down counters, load and empty the dishwasher, and wash dishes in the sink.

Your mom is included in the care services, too. She’ll have someone to join her on walks, drive her to doctor’s appointments, and take her shopping. Caregivers can order and pick up her prescription refills, schedule appointments, and plan recreational outings.

You benefit from a caregiver, too. You provide the bulk of your mom’s care and have been craving a day off. Caregivers can do that. You go out while the caregiver takes over. You’ll get to have a break without worrying about your mom being alone or lonely.

Finally, caregivers can look at your mom’s home to see if there are hazards that increase the risk of a fall. Caregivers can cook her meals, sit down and eat with her, and join her for favorite shows and movies. If your mom has a favorite hobby, she can teach her caregiver. Her caregiver may be able to teach her something new, too.

The best way to find the full range of services is by calling a senior care agency. Talk to a representative today to learn more about rates and caregivers in your area.

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