Many seniors with dementia move in with their adult children for safety reasons. As the disease progresses, it’s certainly wise for someone to be with the older adult at all hours of the day. However, do you know if your house is safe for someone with dementia? There are lots of steps that can help to make your home safer for a senior with dementia, like the ones listed below.

Make the Stove Safe

Seniors with dementia may attempt to cook for themselves, then forget to turn the stove off. Or, they may be unsuccessful at lighting a gas burner and leave the gas running. These kinds of accidents can be prevented by installing a hidden gas valve that you can shut off easily or a circuit breaker to turn off the electricity to an electric oven. You could also remove the knobs from the stove.

Take Locks Off Interior Doors

Remove the locks from bathroom and bedroom doors to prevent the older adult from locking themselves in a room and you out. If you must have locks on inside doors, consider moving them to the tops of the doors where the older adult isn’t likely to see them.

Get Rid of Fake Food

If you have decorations that look like food, such as wax fruit or magnets that look like candy, put them away where the senior cannot see them. Dementia alters perceptions and they may mistake the fake food for real food, causing them to choke.

Use a Baby Monitor

Baby monitors work well for keeping tabs on an older adult through the overnight hours. They allow you to hear if the senior gets up during the night or calls out for help. You can also get one with a video option so you can see what the senior is doing.

Even when you take all the appropriate steps to safety proof your home, leaving an older adult with dementia alone still isn’t a good idea. However, it can be impossible for family caregivers to be with them all the time. Contacting an elderly care agency to hire in-home help can make life with dementia easier for both the older adult and their family caregivers. An elderly care provider can stay with the senior while family members go to work or just take some time for themselves. Elderly care providers can keep the senior safe, offer enjoyable activities, and assist with things around the house, as well as many other things.


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