When you’re looking at your elderly family member’s fall risk you have to consider the medications that she’s taking. Your senior might tell you something along the lines of her medication not changing anything or being fine. But her medication can make her a little more likely to fall.

Medications Do Have Side Effects

It’s easy to forget that medications do have side effects. This can be especially true when your senior is experiencing great results from the medications that she’s taking. Some of the side effects can be dizziness, drowsiness, or even influence some of the systems of her body. For instance, some medications can lower her blood pressure, even if they’re not blood pressure medications.

Your Senior’s Reaction to Medications Can Change

How your elderly family member’s body reacts to medications can change over time. This is something that might come as a shock to you or to your aging family member, even if she’s been taking certain medications for a long time. It’s worth periodically assessing how well certain medications are working for her and whether the side effects she’s experiencing are worth taking the medication.

One New Medication Can Change the Balance

Sometimes what happens is that your elderly family member’s doctor changes or adds a medication to her regimen. Even a tiny change can create a new reaction from your elderly family member’s body. That’s why if your elderly family member already takes several medications, her doctor may make changes gradually. Doing so can help to avoid big shifts.

Ask for a Medication Review

If it’s been a while since your elderly family member has taken a good look at her medications, it’s time to do so. Ask her doctor for something called a medication review. This is a review of all of her medications, how they interact with each other, and how well they’re working for her. this is a perfect time for you to mention any symptoms or side effects you’re noticing that are new or different, like increased drowsiness or trouble with her balance.

When you can’t be there with your elderly family member, it helps to have senior care providers there in your place. They can watch for signs that your senior may not be as stable as she’d like to be and offer her assistance as she walks. This type of help can be invaluable when you’re still working out the details of her medication needs.

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