So much can change for your aging adult and it can change very quickly. She might experience an acute health emergency or she might injure herself. Regardless, you might find yourself in the role of caregiver much sooner than you expect.

Give Your Family Member Options

When a health situation changes rapidly, your elderly family member can feel out of control of her life. She may also be scared and in pain, depending on what has happened. It’s important to help her to know what her options are, no matter how small those choices might seem to be on the surface. For her, they can feel like monumental choices.

But Make Decisions if You Have To

Some of the decisions that your senior has presented to her may not be ones that she wants to make, though. In fact, she might go to some extreme efforts to avoid making decisions. At some point you may need to step in and let her know that you’re going to make those choices in her best interests. For some aging adults, that’s the cue they need to get with the process.

Senior Care: How to Cope When You're Suddenly a Caregiver

Senior Care: How to Cope When You’re Suddenly a Caregiver

Triage the House for Trouble

One of the first tasks you’ll need to do is to triage your senior’s home for issues. Reducing clutter, installing hand rails, and removing any and all tripping hazards are all tasks at the top of your list. Other things to consider, though, could be whether your senior needs to relocate her bedroom to the first floor or not. If that’s not possible, maybe another solution like installing a stair lift ensures your senior’s safety while dealing with the situation as it is.

Don’t Procrastinate on Getting Help

Another tool you might want to consider sooner rather than later is hiring senior care providers. They can help you and your elderly family member to adjust to the situation she’s facing right now. They can also help you to determine what else is necessary to help your elderly family member the most. This is all a lot to adjust to, for both of you, and home care can help.

Once the scary situation is over, you can start to tackle the new realities of daily life with your aging adult. Neither of you might enjoy this process much at first. As you learn more about being a caregiver, though, it becomes easier to help your senior to get the help that she needs when she needs it.

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