It’s clear that your parents need senior care services now. They struggle with household chores like laundry and meal preparation. They don’t drive anymore. They’re alone and you’re not sure a medical alert system is enough.

You don’t have enough room for them to move in with you. Plus, your condo association has limits on how many pets are allowed. Your parents refuse to give up their pets. Moving back into your parents’ house seems to be the only viable solution.

Moving Back in Comes With New Stressors

When you’re moving back into your parents’ home as an adult, you’ll be used to your own household rules and habits. Your parents may not appreciate the things you do differently.

For example, you do not like clutter. Your mom is used to having her counters covered in small appliances. You put everything she only uses once a month into a cabinet. She gets upset.

Your dad babies his dogs. He lets them bark at everything. If they chew up personal items, he laughs it off. He feeds them whatever is on his plate if they ask. You want them to learn manners and follow simple rules of obedience. When you try, he becomes upset.

When you move back in, there may be issues with who pays what bill. Your dad may expect you to pay rent, but you feel you shouldn’t have to since you’re saving them the cost of full-time senior care. Your mom may not like you pushing a healthier diet. Other things that pose challenges are what to watch on TV, how long to spend in the bathroom, and when to do laundry.

Avoid Stress By Creating an Agreement

Before you move in, create an agreement that makes everyone happy. You’ll need to agree to some terms that may not thrill you. Make sure there is give and take in the arrangement so that no one feels slighted.

In the agreement, you need to discuss household expenses. In exchange for family care services, you’re not paying rent, but you will cover a third of the utilities. By showing you’re not there to take financial advantage of your parents, that argument is avoided. In the agreement, make sure you also cover:

  • Who does what chore
  • What foods are not tolerated
  • What care services are necessary and what you’re not there to do
  • General household rules

Try to keep living areas as private as possible. You’ll need a place to go to escape. So will your parents. If possible, set up an in-law apartment for yourself. If your parents have a raised ranch and only use the upstairs, turn the downstairs into an apartment for yourself.

Moving in with your parents again does require an adjustment. Make sure you don’t take on too much. Arrange respite care services with a senior care agency today.

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