Driving is a huge issue for aging adults. It represents freedom and independence, but driving when it’s just not safe to do so is asking for consequences that can be extremely painful for your senior and others.

Her Doctor Has Mentioned It

One big sign is that your senior’s doctor has mentioned that she needs to reconsider driving. This might be due to health reasons or medications that she takes for health conditions, but it can also be because she’s not physically able to drive any longer. Talk with her doctor about why she should cut back on driving and whether this is something that is temporary or more of a permanent nature.

She’s Gotten Several Warnings from Police Officers

Warnings from police officers can take many formats. Some locations offer a simple verbal warning once a driver is pulled over, but others issue a ticket of some kind that states that the citation is actually a warning. These can be easier to track, especially if your senior shoves them in the glove box or center console. These warnings mean that an officer has witnessed your elderly family member doing something unsafe behind the wheel and advised her against it by pulling her over.

She’s Had Actual Tickets or Been in Several Accidents

A warning can be problematic enough, but actual tickets or citations from an accident your senior caused are a tremendous concern. Besides the fact that there is a legal consequence to tickets and citations, there is usually a steep monetary impact from them. Once the insurance company gets wind of the tickets, there is another round of financial impacts as well. This doesn’t even take into account damage to the vehicle or medical problems due to injuries.

Friends or Family Members Are Afraid to Ride with Her

Talk to your senior’s other family members and friends. Even if they only jokingly mention that they don’t want to ride with your aging adult, that’s a sign to probe deeper. They may not want to mention that her driving scares them, but you need to know what’s happening in the car when you’re not there.

No matter how hopeless your senior feels at the thought of no longer driving, there are other options. She can ride with you and other family members, she can have dedicated senior care providers driving for her, and she can ride with friends.

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