As a family caregiver, it’s tough to know when your loved one really could use extra help and when you’re just being pushy. Erring on the side of caution is always good, but so is looking for some specific physical signals that can tell you quite a bit.

Bruising that She Can’t Explain

If you’re noticing bruises on your elderly loved one’s body that she can’t explain to you, this can be an indication that she’s falling and not telling you. She might have balance issues or she could be trying to handle tasks around the house that are too much for her. Regardless, she’s already gotten hurt, but she can get hurt much worse if you don’t pay attention to this sign.

Trouble Getting up or Moving Around

When you’re with your loved one, pay attention to how well she moves when she is up and about. If she’s moving stiffly or if she’s having to hold onto furniture and walls to maintain her balance, that can be a sign of other issues. It’s also not a good sign if your elderly loved one has a difficult time getting up from a seated or lying position. This could mean that she is somewhat trapped if there is no one around to help her.

Decreased Attention to Hygiene

Your loved one might start to show signs that she’s not paying as much attention to hygiene as she used to do. Some of the indications you might see could include unwashed hair or an obvious body odor. If your loved one used to pay very significant attention to personal hygiene, this is an even more important sign for you to acknowledge.

Weight Loss or an Obviously Poor Diet

Unexplained weight loss can be a scary situation for your elderly loved one, particularly if she’s already rather slight. Look for other signs about what she’s eating by checking out her refrigerator, her freezer, and her pantry. If she’s eating a lot of processed or junk foods, she’s not getting the nutrition that she needs.

Talk to your other family members about pitching in more often and consider hiring senior care providers to help your loved one as well.

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