Six Treatments for Arthritis

Arthritis pain is something that can truly debilitate your senior. Depending on how many joints are affected, your senior may be in constant pain no matter what she’s trying to do. Her doctor can put together an arthritis treatment plan for her and it’s likely to consist of one or more of these treatments and possibly others, as well.


When diagnosed with arthritis, your senior’s doctor may recommend exercise as part of her treatment plan. Exercise strengthens her muscles and can help to lubricate the joints as they move. One place to start with exercise could be physical therapy, especially if your elderly family member has old injuries which are affecting her now.

Dietary Changes

What your senior eats matters a lot. Lots of fruits and vegetables combined with lean proteins gives her body the fuel and the nutrients that she needs in order to stay as healthy as possible. Reducing salt intake can help, because sometimes excess fluid buildup can contribute to joint inflammation.

Ice and Heat

Many people with arthritis experience not only pain but also swelling in their joints. Using a combination of ice and heat for a few minutes each day can help to relieve both pain and swelling. Be sure to talk to your senior’s doctor about how long to leave both ice and heat in place and how to use both as safely as possible.

Braces, Canes, and Other Tools

Assistive devices aren’t always the most popular choice, but they can support your senior and her joints. Talk to her doctor before using a splint or a brace to make sure it’s necessary and that it’s properly fitted. Using a cane or even a walker helps to keep your senior as stable as possible while she’s walking, which can prevent a fall due to arthritis pain.


There are a host of medications your elderly family member might be prescribed by her doctor. Some deal with pain, some manage inflammation, while others are able to deal with both of them. Many of the medications your senior may take could be available over-the-counter. Sometimes other medications, like muscle relaxers, can also help.


Your senior might not think about massage as something that helps her joints, since arthritis pain involves primarily the joints. But your senior’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments all support her joints and help them to move properly. Using massage helps to relax those soft tissue areas and improve blood flow to those areas.

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