When your parent reaches their senior years, you may start to worry about whether they are safe in their homes. You might also wonder if they’re happy, especially if they live alone. Are they bored? Do they take their medications? Are they able to keep up with housework? Your worries might be especially troublesome if you don’t live within easy driving distance of your aging parent. Since you can’t stop in often, you may not have a sense of whether they’re living well on a day-to-day basis. That’s where hiring a professional caregiver from an agency can be an incredible asset. Professional caregivers can be hired to go to your parent’s home for a few hours daily, a few times a week, or even for full days or overnight shifts. Here are just five ways a professional caregiver can make your senior parent’s life better (and, trust us, there are so many more!):

#1 A Cleaner Home
No one really wants to live in a messy or dirty home, but as people age, it can be hard to keep the house as clean as they would like. Arthritis can make washing floors difficult or even impossible. Failing vision may mean that your parent doesn’t see the dirt building up. And, weakened muscles can make carrying laundry difficult. A professional caregiver can handle housekeeping duties, including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, dishes, and laundry.

#2 Social Connection
If your parent no longer drives, they may have trouble getting to social gatherings they once enjoyed. A professional caregiver can help by driving them places, such as to religious services, the senior center, friends’ houses, and even the local library. A professional caregiver can also help your parent to stay connected with family and friends via the Internet. They can assist them with using social media and sending emails.

#3 Pet Care
Getting older shouldn’t have to mean giving up a beloved pet. But, if your parent has trouble caring for the pet, you might not feel like there’s another choice. A professional caregiver can assist with basic pet care duties, such as feeding and watering the pet, taking the dog outside, or cleaning the litterbox. They can also drive your parent and their pet to veterinary appointments.

#4 Outings
There’s no need for older adults to sit at home when a professional caregiver can take them to their favorite places. If your parent loves museums, a caregiver can drive them to the museum and attend to them while they enjoy the exhibits. They can also take your parent to restaurants, the theater, the zoo, or nearly any other local venue.

#5 Better Meals
Sometimes older adults don’t eat healthy meals because they have trouble cooking or because they don’t enjoy cooking for one. A professional caregiver can assist with preparing healthy meals. They can even help your parent to plan meals and take them to the grocery store.

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