Unfortunately, inflammation is something that takes over the lives of many people. The majority of elderly adults deal with some form of an inflammatory condition. In many instances, this is something like arthritis. Those who live with inflammation find that it affects them almost every single day and causes them extreme pain. If your elderly loved one needs to fight off inflammation, there are some ways that you and their senior care providers can help them to do this.

Eating Right

One of the ways to help your elderly loved one fight inflammation is by making sure they are eating right. While they can have a sugary snack every once in a while, it is important to realize that these snacks can cause inflammation. Other foods that may cause inflammation are fried foods, red meat, processed foods, margarine, and pop. Some foods that will fight inflammation include tart cherries, fatty fish, broccoli, berries, nuts, leafy greens, and tomatoes. Start your loved one on a better diet today to help them fight inflammation.

Light Exercise

If your elderly loved one does light exercise, they can reduce some of the inflammation in their body, as well. Some of the exercises that are great for relieving inflammation and pain are yoga, tai chi, swimming, and walking. It might be helpful to make an exercise plan for your elderly loved one to follow. This way they know what exercises to do and when. Also, keep in mind that someone may need to be there to make sure your loved one stays safe while they are exercising. If you can’t be there, hiring a senior care provider is a great idea.

Cold and Hot Therapies

Many elderly adults who suffer from inflammation and pain find that cold and hot therapies are helpful. Your elderly loved one could try using an ice pack on their painful spot for 15 minutes and then switching it up by putting a heating pad on that area for 15 minutes. If one of these doesn’t feel good or doesn’t help them, just have them use the other option.

Losing Weight

If your elderly loved one suffers from inflammation and they are a bit overweight, losing even a few pounds could help take some of the weight off their painful joints. This could help the reduce the pain and the inflammation in their body.

Massage Therapy

Another tip for fighting inflammation is massage therapy. If your elderly loved one hasn’t gotten a professional massage before, have them start with a light massage. This could loosen up their joints and muscles.

These are some of the ways to help your elderly loved one fight inflammation. Start using these tips to help reduce your elderly loved one’s pain and inflammation today.


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