You might think at first that a routine sounds pretty restrictive and troubling for you and your elderly family member. But the reality is that even a loose routine solves a great many issues for you and for your senior.

Keeps You and Your Senior on Target

You and your elderly family member each have goals. For your senior, her goals might include staying at home as long as possible, improving certain health benchmarks, and starting an exercise plan. Your own goals might involve spending quality time with her and offering her the support she needs when she needs it most. When your routines are built around these goals, that allows both you and your aging adult to effortlessly do the little things every day that are necessary to meet those goals.

Improves Decision-making throughout the Day

As a caregiver, you probably already know that you’re constantly faced with decisions that range from big decisions that impact your senior’s life all the way down to the tiniest ones. It’s exhausting making all those choices. When you have a routine that works, you’re automatically reducing the sheer volume of decisions that you face on a daily basis.

Senior Care: What Does a Routine Do for You?

Helps Everyone Cooperate Better

It’s a lot easier for everyone to get along when expectations are clear. Your senior may find that she’s more inclined to agree with what’s going on when she knows what’s going on. This helps you, too. Not only are you making fewer decisions on the fly, but you aren’t constantly trying to figure out what needs to happen next and how to prepare for it. A good routine is going to help you to flow from one situation into the next.

You Might Sleep Better

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that if you’re on target to meet your goals, you’re struggling with fewer decisions, and everybody is getting along better, you’re able to sleep better. This is a happy side effect for you of having a routine that works well for your needs and your aging adult’s needs. you’re going to find that life overall seems to have a better flow to it and you’re able to accomplish far more than you did when you were simply putting out fires.

You might have to take your time establishing a routine. The right routine doesn’t show up overnight. Senior care providers can help you to establish routines with your aging adult. Their visits can become regular parts of the routine that both you and your aging adult begin to count on.

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