If your senior’s doctor has advised her to start using a cane, she might have resisted. The reality is though that using a cane can prevent your senior from experiencing a fall. That makes a cane an important tool for her to use.

She Needs to Use Her Cane as Often as Possible

If your senior avoids using her cane, it’s probably more difficult for her to use when she does need it. The key to getting better with her cane is for her to practice. The more that she uses her cane, the less awkward it will feel for her. If your senior is worried about feeling or looking silly while she practices with her cane, she might want to focus on using it at home. Senior care providers can help to ensure that she’s using it properly and that she’s safe while she practices.

Collapsible Canes Are Sturdy and Portable

A common complaint about canes is that they’re awkward to use and that they’re difficult to put aside when they’re not needed. This might be where a collapsible cane could be helpful for your senior. These types of canes fold or collapse into a smaller format that is easy to store. When your senior needs the cane again, it unfolds and locks to give her the support that she requires.

Tips Need Replacing Now and Again

Canes aren’t just one piece. Often the handle can be replaced and the tips are something that absolutely must be replaced. Typically the tips on canes are rubber or silicone pieces that slide over the very end of the cane. This tip comes in direct contact with concrete, asphalt, and all sorts of other rough surfaces. To keep making sure your senior is properly supported, those tips need to be replaced when they wear out.

A Wrist Loop Prevents Dropping the Cane 

If your elderly family member has difficulty with maintaining her grip or if she frequently drops items, a wrist loop on her cane can be a huge help. This is a strap that your senior fits over her wrist before she grasps the handle. Then, when she lets go of the handle, the wrist strap keeps the cane suspended where she can still grasp it again.

It takes some time to get used to using a cane regularly. Talk to your senior’s doctor about anything else that might apply in her situation.

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