Family caregivers may want to take it seriously when an elderly adult constantly complains about feeling dizzy. While the occasional dizzy spell is not unusual for seniors, chronic dizziness can signal that there may be a bigger health issue that is undiagnosed. Moreover, dizziness in elderly adults can lead to safety issues such as slip and fall accidents. If an elderly relative is always dizzy, it’s time for family caregivers to get them the help they need.

What are Dizzy Spells?

Dizziness is considered a symptom of a health issue that results in instability and poor balance. Many people describe dizziness as spinning, lightheadedness or even floating. With dizzy spells, a person’s hearing and vision can also be affected. In some cases, a dizzy spell can trigger nausea, vomiting, headaches, and fainting. Seniors are more likely to experience dizzy spells due to chronic health issues and age-related conditions.

What Causes Dizzy Spells in Seniors?

There are numerous factors that can result in dizzy spells in elderly adults. Because dizziness is a symptom of another condition, it’s important for family caregivers to let a doctor know about what’s happening with their aging loved one and seek a diagnosis. Dizziness is often accompanied by other symptoms that can give the doctor clues as to the origins.

Caregivers: Why is My Elderly Relative Always Dizzy?

Caregivers: Why is My Elderly Relative Always Dizzy?

Possible causes of dizziness in seniors include alcohol abuse, too much caffeine or dehydration. Other causes include medication side effects, inner ear issues, migraines, anemia, low or high blood pressure, anemia, panic attacks, heat exhaustion and low blood sugar. Even if the family caregiver suspects that their aging relative’s dizzy spells are the result of a minor thing, they shouldn’t be too careful as it could be a sign of a health problem that needs medical attention.

Can Home Care Providers Help Dizzy Seniors?

Seniors with chronic dizzy spells have a hard time living independently. Not only is it inconvenient for them to perform daily tasks while dizzy, it could result in safety issues. Slip and fall accidents can cause concussions, broken bones and other health problems. Family caregivers often hire home care providers to deliver in-home care to elderly adults that suffer from mobility problems such as those due to dizzy spells. From getting in and out of bed to showering to walking around the house, elderly adults with frequent dizziness need home care providers to stay safe and comfortable.

Family caregivers and home care providers must not let the elderly person go for long without medical attention to address their dizzy spells. Only a doctor can make a diagnosis and outline an effective treatment to remedy the elderly adult’s constant dizziness.

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